Soapstone has been used for hundreds of years in old farmhouses across the world. It’s personally one of my favorite materials, aside from marble. It has a lot of spectacular features, but it’s not for everybody. If you’re someone who needs everything in your home neat and tidy, and with no surprises, then Soapstone may not be for you. If you’re considering Soapstone as a material for your home project, be sure to check out these helpful tips. Soapstone has no heat or chill cap. So you can put any hot or cold surface directly on your counters and never worry. Unlike Granite, Soapstone is nonporous, so it doesn’t stain or harbor bacteria.

Soapstone is used in many chemistry labs around the world due to its durability. It’s practically impermeable when it comes to acids and chemicals. That means tomato juice, olive oil, lemons, etc. are all safe to go directly onto your counters. No sealing needed! Soapstone is again, nonporous, so it doesn’t have to be sealed. Many people do use mineral oil however. The oil doesn’t actually seal the stone, but enriches the color. Naturally soapstone has a very light gray matte finish with faded white veins going through it. Oiling the stone makes it more of a satin finish, and changes the light gray into a deep emerald green or black with bold white veins. Some people oil their stone for years, and others may only do it twice, it’s really up to the homeowner to determine when they’re happy with the final result.

soapstone oiled sample

Sample of Soapstone Oiled & Non-Oiled

This next one is a bit of a pro, and a con, depending on whom you’re speaking to. Soapstone naturally ages as time goes on, like many things i.e. aged leather, or a piece of antique furniture. It does chip, scratch, and dent as time goes on, but in a good way. Because it’s quite a bit softer than granite (comparable to marble) it has more of a tendency to be damaged. But to some, the damage is the beauty of it. It has more character, and becomes more personable the longer you have it.

Soapstone can be used for so many different things around your home! It’s used for fireplace surrounds, hearths, mantels, sinks, bathtubs, flooring, vanities, showers, kitchens, and the list goes on and on.
A new trend that is becoming increasingly popular…Carved Sinks! Stone fabricators carve sink drain ruts into the stone, giving you more room to do dishes! When it comes to Soapstone, the pros definitely outweigh the cons! If you would like to see the Soapstone we carry, stop by our shop on K-Beach in Soldotna or visit our soapstone supplier, Crocodile Rocks. Anything they carry, we can custom order for you!


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